What is Wars of a Lost Galaxy exactly?

For the uninitated Wars of a Lost Galaxy is a table top based role playing game meant for a group of 2-5 players with another "player" called the Universe Master running the group. The 2-5 players make characters that each of them control individualy while the Universe master controls all of the other people in the universe and the story that the players will encounter. It is up to the UM (Universe Master) to create chalenges that the players must overcome in a variaty of interesting and diverse ways. The UM should be very knowlageable about the system while at the same time be able to let players bend the rules for the most fun for the party. We'll dive more into the role of the UM later though.

For those who have been initiated or just read the last paragraph, Wars of a Lost Galaxy takes place in a science fiction universe where aliens have been discovered by humans in the modern era through being invaded. Not kidding. The aliens are intelegent and in some sense humanoid themselves. The setting is not looking good for the human defenders at all. But it is up to the players to take the day as the human underdogs, breach human society as the alien menace or simply attempt to have a small fringe group of human and alien compatriarts survive the onslaught.

For everyone reading this final part I just wanted to say that I would love feedback from any and all players and UM's as you are all the crux of the system. You guys are the one who play it, be you man, woman or even someone who feels apart and diferent. This game should always be meant for the players of it even if in the far flung future it is still around. I would in particular love session notes and even audio from sessions played as it helps me, the developer of this system get an idea of what's broken or unessesary. Please use the contact me link to send a message with the notes if you ever feel like doing so. It would greatly be apreciated!